Keyword and Link Building



Keyword Analysis is carried out to increase conversion rates for your website and find new markets for your business. It is an essential process that comes under search engine optimisation. Target the wrong keywords and all your SEO efforts will be wasted. We provide you with a report that details how often people search for target phrases, and also tell you how many competing sites use those keywords.

At Molten Sky, we start from scratch. We analyze keywords that already exist on your website and match them with your target keywords relevant to the services offered on your site. If there is a lapse in keyword padding or targeting on your website, we do a complete competitor analysis and keyword research for your services/business to map the right keywords for your site.


Benefits of Keyword Analysis:

– Optimise your website content.

– Generate more relevant keywords.

– Identify niche keywords and phrases

– Improve search engine rankings.

– Identify alternate keywords.

– Increase probability of your site being found

– Analyse where your competitor’s traffic is coming from

– Expose unknown competitors.

– Learn your customer’s strategy.

Link building is also an important element for SEO, the more links you have across the Internet and the higher the weight of these links will improve your search ranking success.

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